NOBI Technical Hoses B.V. - NTH - is a synonym for service, quality and innovation. We are a young and dynamic company, born from the idea that customers with their problem should be centralized and should be helped in their needs. Backed up by over 20 years of experience in the industry we guarantee every need, question, comment or complaint gets an appropriate and professional manner its attention.

We as NOBI Technical Hoses - NTH - place you and your needs centrally again and offer within an acceptable time window an adequate solution. Whether we deal  with existing products or custom made solutions, we will use our knowledge and expertise of our partners to come up with a suitable solution. Our manufacturers use only high quality raw materials  and delivere premium products that meet the current international guidelines, standards and/or laws. Quality is our top priority because we know from experience that quality over time saves money!

Core activities:

1. Providing industrial hoses and mounted hoses including polyurethane, rubber, TPE and others but also related items such as couplings, clamps, etc.;

2. Import and export of technical hoses;

3. Problem Advice on location;   

4. External training of sales people and visits in site with the cusomers representatives.

Our portfolio is aligned with the following segment:

General industry. These are hoses, couplings and related items for the transport of water, air, gas and oxygen, steam, hot water, chemicals, food, oil and abrasive material. Our hoses comply with applicable European standards such as EN 12115, ISO 3821, DIN 20018/ISO 2398 etc.

Plastics processing industry. We supply for transporti of plastic pellets different hoses types i.e. PVC hoses with and without PU inner liner or highly abrasion resistant polyurethane hoses with strengths of 0.45 up to 3.5 mm. For vacum use we can supply a transparent PVC hoses wiht a very smooth inside. And for the hoppers we supply hot air hoses, hoses of PVC, rubber or teflon which go up to +300° C and more. And for cooling the molds and supply reglar PVC-hoses but also a new developed TPE-hose, suitable for temperatures up to +120° C in the nominal sizes 10 and 13 mm. Of course we supply brass couplings and suitable hose clips.

Cleaning in the food processing industry. Our range includes buckets, brushes, brooms and water cleaners of the brand Salmon. And high grade rubber and plastic cleaning hoses with fittings for pressures from 10 to > 400 bar pressure in the colors black, green, yellow, blue and red of the brands Goodyear (Fortress) & Gates (Clean Power)! The accompanying cleaning guns and equipment is also not missing like the spring-loaded stainless steel reels of the brand NITA.

Concrete Industry. The range regarding this segment is probably the widest. Whether you're looking for concrete pump hoses with 2 or 4 steel layers, textile plies, mortar hoses, cleaning balls, clamps, reducing pipes or custom made products, You came to the right place for optimum quality / price ratio. Our qualities as such are guaranteed by the manufacturer Semperit and HST SCHLAUCHTECHNIK GmbH using premium raw material quality. The hoses are produced on one of the most modern production lines on which quality is permanent monitored. In our up to dated assembly facility, we guarantee continiously quality due to internal procedures along the production line and quantitive test pressuring of the hose assemblies. On request a 100% testing of the assemblies is an option. Due to the large stock of hoses and couplings, the delivery times are both are quite short; also for larger quantities!

Specials. Under this heading you find these products which are not standard in the range but produced, specialy for the customer or market desire. Examples are; roadside mowing hoses made of rubber or polyurethane, concrete pump hoses with different connections for eg drilling or offshore application, a hose for hot PET granulate to +300 ° C, feed hoses with nylon spiral etc.

Food processing industry. We supply food hoses according the applicable guidelines like FDA, BfR Cat. II, Cat BfR XV, USP Class XI, KTW and W 270 phthalate free mixtures for drinking water, fatty foods, beverages and liquores with up to 96°. The hoses can be fitted with milk couplings DIN 11851 & 405 or TriClamp 32676-A/B/C (DIN, ISO / ASME). Each hose is delivered with an unique ID number with a hose certificate and Declaration of Conformity in accordance with GMP

If you are active in one of those segments, and there is interest in our products, please feel free to contact us. We are happy to provide information and will also elucidate our capabilities in a personal conversation.

We are ready for you and your questions; test us!

Marco Blankenhagen

Managing Director