Strengthened by 20 years of experience in the field and supported by some specialist manufacturers of technical hoses and related articles, NTH is the partner to educate your sales crew. Your sales team, whether active in the field or in the back office, everyone benefits from a broad knowledge of the products in their portfolio.

In order to reach sales growth and certainly increase your sales people with more knowledge we can offer the following products;

1. In The Field training (ITF). In this active form of training, we will guide your representative in the daily work to customers and / or prospects. Based on the experiences during the visits we propose a plan of action which various recommendations or solutions are;

2. Office Training (OT). One can choose from several variations including a basic training or a training in a special segment.

3. Customer Related Training (CRT). This form of training is often in consultation with the Sales Manager or Business Unit Manager to put together a largely customized tutoring.

If you interested, please send us your inquiry then we, without obligation and free of charge contact you.

Regards from Landgraaf,

Marco Blankenhagen